World Trade Press

World Trade Press is the world’s premier publisher of country-by-country information products for culture, travel, language, and food. Their online databases help students and teachers understand cultures of the world, learn languages, and become global citizens.

Content is collected and created by the worldwide team of hundreds of professional researchers, writers, editors, database administrators, graphic designers, and web developers whose knowledge, experience, and expertise make our products possible.

Check out some of the amazing FREE resources below. (Links expire July 31, 2020)


Global Road Warrior

An extensive country-by-country resource for learning about culture, customs, history, and language worldwide. Dive deep into your cultural roots, or research extended family members. No other resource offers this much information in one package!

AtoZ World Food

Find a new recipe to try with what you have at home, learn about the roots of ingredients from around the world.

The world’s largest and most comprehensive food and food culture database with 174 countries to explore! All recipes are illustrated with professional quality photographs to guide you through. There are over 6,500 traditional recipes you won’t find elsewhere and articles on over 650 common ingredients so you can learn more while working.

AtoZ Food America

Discover over 7,000 recipes, 650+ ingredient articles, vintage food labels and ads, history on what people ate through American history, how-to videos, and more! Discover more about American food, culture, and recipes today.

AtoZ World Travel

Explore the world from the comfort and safety of your home. Research your next trip with more than 120 topics for 175 countries, full of tourist information and general interest. Each country has highlighted culture, history, language, education, and travel recommendations.

AtoZ World Business

AtoZ World Business provides users with 100+ comprehensive Country Business Guides, each of which covers 115 standard topics that are vital to understanding how to do business in and with that country. You will also find 79 trade tools from letters of credit, ocean freight containers, international contracts, and more!

Lingo LITE

Learn basic vocabulary in 30 languages from native speakers. Each entry includes a reference photo, a native speaker video, and the word or term in the local language and your native language.