Flocking Information

What is it and why are there flamingos on my lawn?!

Flocking is done by a friend of the library who has paid for flamingos to flock on your lawn. It is done as a harmless way of fundraising through the year for the Leeds & the Thousand Islands Public Libraries.

How long will my pink guests be here for?

The flamingos will nest on your yard for two (2) days. If you want immediate removal we can have a ‘trained technician’ come by today for a donation of $20 and remove them.

How do I send them to someone else?

If the flamingos are still on your lawn for a $25 donation we can have our ‘trained technician’ come and remove them and place them on another persons lawn of your choosing!

If your guests have stayed two (2) days already or in the past we can have our ‘trained technician’ locate the flock to another location at the time of your choosing for a $25 donation.

A friend is having a birthday, wedding, or other special event and I want to surprise them. Can I get a personalized sign?

Give us enough (a few days) notice and we can create a custom sign to include in the flocking at the time and location of your choosing for a $30 donation. You will also gain what our experts call ‘flocking protection’ to prevent any attempts in the future for a revenge flock!

What is this protection for myself from future flocks and how do I get it?

For a donation of $30 we can provide our *patented Flocking Insurance for your house. This include the Custom Sign + Flocking of your choosing as a special event of friendly game of ‘get these flamingos off my lawn’.

I paid for flocking protection and the flock is still here! What happened?

If you have been the MVP (most valued perching) spot for the flock we can remove the flock for you. This will likely never happen as flocking insurance is good for a **very long time.

I am unable to donate at the current time and really want the flock gone!

Please contact us to remove the birds at no cost to you. We don’t want them to be unruly unwanted guests!


Service Levels (all by donation):

Flock Immediate Removal Service: $20.00

Flock Immediate Relocation Service: $25.00

Flocking Insurance + Custom Sign & Relocation: $30.00

Inconvenience Removal: Free


Trained Technician Contact Info:

Please contact us by using our CONTACT page.


*We didn’t patent someone pulling out plastic flamingos from your lawn and moving them.

**Very long time is likely a lifetime or more but subject to change with notification of changes to those who have invested in insurance.